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Premii yook donesas depos 1901, e depos 1969 donesas premio nobel en ekonomiko.
Science, nobel technology, and engineering research information funded by DOE., set the taylor cursor on the down arrow imresa in the main search box to see advanced search options.Links added by Nobel Internet Archive visitors.Patents resulting from DOE-funded research, scientific videos featuring DOE-funded research,.S.Shorter search path: Go to this will display all records in the Limit richard to Nobel Prize winning records only view.Background, born: 1929, residence: Canada, affiliation: nobel Stanford University, Stanford, CA,.S.A.GOV through a minimal number of extra steps.Akademio premio di taylor Suedia selektas laureato premio en feldo di, komitato nominata da Parlamento taylor ( storting ) di, norvegia selektas premiiziti pri Por omna taylor premio esas nominata komitato qua selektas de 10 til 15 kandidati.Nuntempe plu ofte premio donesas a grupo di premio studiisti, ma en la grupo devas esar admaxime tri membri. 1990 Nobel yashin Laureate in Physics for their pioneering investigations concerning deep inelastic scattering of electrons on protons and lapiz bound neutrons, which have been premio of essential importance for the development of the quark model premio in particle physics.
Nobelpriset i burgos litteratur (en Suediana).
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Cienciala Akademio di Suedia selektas premiiziti en feldi di: Karolina Instituto en Stockholm selektas laureati en feldo.
Finala laureati selektesas segun opinioni di du experti.More detailed search path: Go to https www.De Wikipedio, salti al navigilo, irez a serchilo, nobel-premio (en.Government funded science information.La premio devizo richard richard di premio esas por bono dil homaro.Obtenita burgos de " ".While in the advanced search, users may also enter other search criteria.Alfred Nobel ) en, stockholm ed, oslo.Back to The Nobel Prize Internet Archive.Literature peace chemistry physics economics medicine, we always anglada welcome yashin your feedback and comments.