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2000 Ray Ozzie For premio his vision, vinto determination, and programming skill in the development of chimica Lotus Notes, a primo program that enables premio groups of people to work collaboratively over computer networks.
1975 Gordon premio Bell For outstanding contributions in the areas of technical design, education, and publications influential gran in developing the computer field.9, o nato primeiro laureado foi.8, o prêmio é denominado em memória.2001 Pradeep Khosla For significant premio contributions to the design of re-configurable real-time software premio systems, and for significant premio contributions to undergraduate and graduate education in electrical and computer engineering and robotics.Wallace McDowell (em inglês :.Wallace McDowell, que foi diretor de engenharia.Wallace McDowell Award ) 1 é concedido pela, iEEE Computer Society, por proeminentes contribuições inovativas teóricas, de projeto, educacionais, práticas ou outras similares relacionadas aos interesses da Computer Society.McDowell foi responsável pela transição premio de técnicas eletromecânicas para premio eletrônicas, e pela subsequente transição a dispositivos em estado sólido.Strecker For being principal designer of the VAX architecture and for contributions to local area networks, high-performance interconnects, caches, and memory hierarchies.By continuing using this website I accept that processing of my personal data will be held with compliance of Russian Federation laws.1976 Gene Amdahl For his contributions to the architecture and design of computer systems, and for his achievements in promoting advancements in the computer state of the art through business enterprise.1978 Gordon Moore For outstanding contributions to research and development of semi-conductor components and his insights and leadership in the micro-processor and semi conductor memory fields.Kennedy For important contributions to theory and practice of compiler optimization and leadership in the development of software for parallel computation.Akyildiz For pioneering contributions to wireless sensor network architectures and communication protocols. 1974 Shmuel Winograd prezzo For his anno pioneering work in computational complexity and for primer stimulating further research on the scientific basis for evaluating the efficiency of computational algorithms.
IBM, durante o desenvolvimento do, iBM 701.
Wallace McDowell é algumas vezes popularmente referenciado como o "IT Nobel" (Nobel em Tecnologia da Informação).
2004 Simon Lam vincitrice For outstanding fundamental contributions in network protocols and security services.2006 Benjamin Wah For fundamental contributions to the theory and applications of nonlinear and resource-constrained optimization.O segundo laureado foi, anno john Backus, em 1967, recebendo o prêmio pelo premio desenvolvimento.10 Year Recipients Citation 1966 Fernando primo Corbató For his pioneering work in organizing and spearheading the early development of the first practical large-scale time-sharing computer system, and for his tireless efforts in providing direction for the entire time-sharing concept.1968 Seymour Cray For his continuing technical contributions to computer development through design automation and system definition, and for outstanding managerial leadership in producing a series of large scale computers.Toyota Premio X L prezzo package 4WD.Williams For developing the level-sensitive scan technique of testing solid-state logic circuits primer and for leading, defining, and promoting design for testability concepts." 1990 Lawrence Roberts For designing packet switching technology and bringing it into practical use by means of the arpa network.1979 Grace Hopper For her combination of technical skill, primer leadership, teaching capability, and single-minded drive for the invention, adoption, and standardization of high-level programming languages.1998 Tilak Agerwala For outstanding contributions to the development of high performance computers.6 7, o Prêmio.1988 William Poduska For his continued creative contributions to hardware and software developments and for management expertise in bringing them to products.1981 Maurice Vincent Wilkes For a lifetime of innovative technical contributions to the computer field in the areas of software engineering, structured programming, distributed computing, data base premio structures, time-sharing, storage hierarchies, paging, and microprogramming.